Smartr Contacts for iPhone Update - Now Available

by Michael Albers

Today is proud day for all of us at Xobni as we are being featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the App Store!  As if that were not great enough, we also have a new update for you.  It’s packed with many of your requests - so keep that feedback coming! 

As you know, apps live and die by their reviews - We’d love your support, so if you like the app, please submit a positive review in the App Store.

Here is what we’ve got for you in this latest release:

  • New Login Screen & Tour - Updated login screen and product overview - no white iPhone.
  • Email Viewing - Now you can view emails (when available) in the history tab, so you can easily reply and compose! 
  • Settings Fix - Ensure settings show the right connected accounts 
  • iPhone Contacts Update - Improved inclusion of your iPhone contact list and fixes for handling foreign characters 
  • Loading Improvements - Better handling of network/connection issues during contact loading 
  • Crash fixes - You found ‘em. We fixed ‘em. 
  • Link to FAQ - Support url now points directly to our updated FAQs 
  • General bugs and fixes - Fixes and improvements throughout the app

To get the latest version, visit the App Store from your phone and select “Updates”.

As always, if you are having any problems, please contact our support team at