INFOGRAPHIC: The Value of Contact Information

At Xobni, we believe the address book as it is today is broken.  We spend a lot of time around here figuring out how to make email and contact management easier, better and effortless.  Some call it the magic in the mundane, but we call it awesome.  Our most recent product called Smartr (now for Gmail and Android) has been called a “magic address book,” and PC Magazine said it best when they said “Smartr…dives into your contacts list and pulls up pearls of information, like the date you first communicated and who is frequently CC’ed on emails.  It’s an efficient way to search your list of contacts, while also keeping an eye on Twitter and Facebook.”

We’ve also surveyed our customers to better understand how much time they save with Smartr and Xobni (4/hours per week, for inquiring minds), but thought it would also be interesting to understand the value they place on their contacts.  We were surprised by some of the responses, and wanted to share.  Below is an infographic displaying much of this data, and the press release with more results can be found here

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